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Internet Mail Client Control FAQs/Platform specific/IIS 6 / Windows 2003 Server

I'm getting runtime error 80040225H on IIS 6 when using the SMTPClient object. What's wrong?

ID: S22E40 DATE: 25/07/2005 09:13:02

The control works well under II6 on the Windows 2003 Server platform. Due to some restrictions in the IIS 6 worker process isolation mode runtime environment, though, you will need to either:

• [New 2005-07-25] Replace your standard CSMail.dll with the new beta version of the library. The new version of the library runs in worker process isolation mode straight out of the box. You can download the new version of the library here.


• Run IIS 6 in IIS 5 compatability mode. This approach is simple but will not be appropriate for most environments.


• Set up a COM+ application wrapper for the library. The COM+ wrapper allows the library to run in IIS 6 worker process isolation mode.

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