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Internet Mail Client Control Library Standard Edition

Add email functionality to your application using our Internet Mail Client Control Library. ActiveX SMTP and POP3 client components make sending and receiving email a doddle!

Full support for Visual Basic, C++, ASP, VBScript, Winbatch, JScript, VBA, MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel and more. It's the bee's knees!

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Internet Mail Client Control Library SSL Edition

All the great features of the standard edition but with support for SSL/TLS server connections, ESMTP/POP3 STARTTLS, integration with MS Windows certificate management and more. It's the top dog!

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Free! Type Library Documentor

Command Line Internet Mail

Free! ActiveX Diagnostics


Document your ActiveX control in double quick time! Creates a complete Help Project from your control's type library. Fully chromacoded and hyperlinked documentation of methods, properties and events.

New Version 1.6 with ESMTP authentication!

Our original command line SMTP tool. It may be simple but it supports ESMTP authentication, Multiple Recipients, Mime , Automatic file type detection and UUEncoded, 7bit, quoted-printable or base64 message formats.


Solve your ActiveX problems pronto with our developer's ActiveX control diagnostic tool. .

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